5 Controls To Do Home maintenance

Moving to a new House is definitely an important occasion to celebrate. But how can we prevent a sudden electrical failure or a dripping roof can spoil the party? This checklist of 5 checks to do just moved into a new home will help you ward off great discontent in addition to expensive repairs later.

1) control of heating and air conditioning system
A first home maintenance to be carried out in your new location should certainly concern the control of heating and cooling (if the latter was present). Own a high-performance heating and cooling system can positively improve the living quality Houseware and permit at a great savings in the Bill both in summer and winter. Among the main interventions required in addition to highly recommended is the seasonal maintenance of heating system. Thanks to this control repair we will be able to avoid costly repairs later or even suffer a proper operation of our systems.

Do you own a boiler? Check out our article on how, when and why to maintenance of the boiler.

2) cleaning the gutters and downspouts
Cleaning the gutters downspouts from foliage, nests and other materials with the aim to allow the water to drain out properly within regions is another surgery to be performed upon arriving at your new location (and on an annual basis in all our homes). If you neglect these facilities (and guards) can cause expensive, with the possibility to recreate an ideal habitat to the proliferation of insects and pests. Despite this servicing operation is possible even by yourself, as a rule, the intervention of a practitioner is generally preferable given the low average cost of intervention, the difficult accessibility of the places to clean up and the danger arising from the operation (because of the height of structures).
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7 things your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover

7 things your homeowner's insurance doesn't coverClaims related to damage by water by pipe break are the most common, so it is a basic guarantee of home insurance. Together with the glass break total more than 3 million parts a year, although allowances do not reach the 900 million euros annually. On the contrary, other contingencies more sporadic as burglaries and fires, with 400,000 reports a year, represent an economic impact of 318 million, according to the report from Unespa.

United mortgage
The majority of homeowners hire home insurance when they sign the mortgage, although it is not mandatory, as insurance in case of fire only is required. “A few years ago was one of the main motivations for taking the insurance obligation arising from a mortgage. “Currently the most consumers have a clear perception of the potential risks associated with housing (whether it is how rented property) and the need to take out insurance to protect against them”, says Nuria Fern├índez, Director of private individuals and car in Axa.

Home insurance have been incorporating more coverages and services catalogue, which causes a certain ignorance of the contingencies that are covered in consumers. Although a study concluded that 90% of insured says knowing the coverages that are included in your home insurance, the truth is that most do not read conditions of insurance until he suffers a loss.
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Does Foreclosure Clear the Title to a Property?

Does Foreclosure Clear the Title to a Property?The discovery of the existence of a mortgage at the expense of the property you wish to purchase is never a pleasant surprise. But the mortgage is an enemy that you can meet quite easily: you can ensure that the mortgage is extinguished and cancelled before the deed, or extinguish it and clear it at the same time as the deed, but also afterwards, leaving deposit to the notary the exact amount required (subject to analytical count obtained by the creditor) and delegating the notary himself to do the “cleaning” of the property even after you have purchased , with full guarantee by the buyer.

Unfortunately for the attachment is not: by the mortgage you can always come to establish precisely what is the sum needed for the extinction of the debt and its cancellation, while foreclosure, as part of a trial, it can hide a lot of unknowns. The inclusion of attachment is not only connected to debt claiming the attaching creditor, but also ensures everyone who insinuate themselves in the procedure later until the extinction of the procedure. Therefore any lender, even if the grocer’s on the corner, on production of a sheet of paper that is not from public registers, can add his credit to foreclosure and, in the case of main creditor satisfaction to him before may continue to use the attachment as if it had been made by him.

I note with surprise that recently the issue of the attachment is completely overlooked and it is like an ordinary mortgage, but it doesn’t. Extinguished the debt underlying the mortgage problems that remain are merely formal, those of the cancellation, and that in case of misunderstanding always lead to a very modest damage to the buyer in good faith, namely the costs of cancellation. While in the case of execution out of debt to the creditor distraining is not sufficient to protect against root all other creditors who maybe can creep even after the Act of purchase. The buyer should know that if you buy a property subject to seizure warrants all debts of the seller, even those seemingly not existing on the date of purchase.
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5 common mistakes in strategic planning

You do not have a strategic vision? These are the 5 most common productivity mistakes (and how to resolve them) committed managers by not having a proper strategic vision.

A lot of people think that managers are very busy professionals, that Live Meeting meeting, having lots of activities to do, a long list of outstanding and a tight schedule… Somehow it is true, but is not the only thing that happens in the day of a Manager, and is certainly not the most important thing that should happen. Unfortunately many forget that the Manager, which mark the course of a company, an area or a team of collaborators, in addition to ‘do’ have to ‘think’. And few times that is on your “to-do list”.

There was a phase in my career as a Manager, two or three months, having to make a meeting with me where was synonymous to get in the door of my office number. He finished a meeting and encouraged came next with a small song of “next!”. It was funny and seemed a game. Until it ceased to be so. Impacts were not only harmful for my health and my career (what the true performance of a person who works 12 hours a day, sometimes without even stopping for lunch?) but also was to my colleagues that they were looking for answers that did not find and saw her every day also disappear between meetings and pending tasks. What was what we needed? What was it that was not working? The key is to stop thinking and react according to today, and begin to think and act according to ‘tomorrow’. Having a strategic vision means that you think about what you want tomorrow (medium and long term of 2 to 5 years) and see what you have to mobilize now to make that future happen. This is accomplished by leaving only ‘ do ‘ and starting to “think”.
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6 keys of the owner to rent your home safely

6 keys of the owner to rent your home safelyAlthough rent an empty apartment it has numerous advantages, the fear of a default by the tenant or housing damage that discourages many homeowners. In this third installment of our rent guide you will learn the 6 different alternatives that have owners for renting a house safely, including the careful selection of the tenant or insurance covering non-payment and damages

The owner has a series of alternatives to ‘shield’ to get your floor to the market and avoid surprises. They are as follows:

1. make a careful selection of the tenant

Prevention is the best remedy to avoid the headaches involved in giving with a delinquent tenant. Care for tenant selection can be one of the most important aspects to take into account in the process of rent safe housing
To learn about the solvency of a tenant we can apply for your payroll and contract work, in order to verify their ability to pay and job security. There are also different delinquent records that reference in which determined if the potential tenant has already had incidents of payment beforehand, and in such a case, be prevented for other types of guarantees, or even to refuse the tenant. This point can be much easier if the rental is managed through a professional, since while the potential tenant may be reluctant to hand over their personal and economic data to a particular, will show more willing to risk study a real estate professional make it

2. to request additional guarantees

In addition to the payment of the deposit – which covers possible damage to housing caused by the tenant to the term of the contract, the law allows that any guarantee of the fulfilment of the payment obligations Additionally is established at the time of signing the contract

Through this additional warranty (for example, through the payment of one or two extra months) it’s cover payment obligations not fulfilled by the tenant or the damage that this can cause in the House. Its amount is free by agreement between landlord and tenant

3. requirement of endorsement

The endorsement is an endorsement that gives a third party payments assumed by the tenant. When it stops paying, the surety will be responsible for paying off the debt as if it were his own. In the case of the rental of dwelling, the landlord may require two types of guarantees:

A) personal endorsement: another person, usually a family member, can endorse the tenant payments. In the event that it fails to pay, would be the guarantor which respond debt

(B) bank guarantee: in this case is a financial institution which responds payments if the tenant left outstanding debts. Solvency is involved in them, this type of entities is therefore more reliable face to give security to the owner. The problem is that the tenant may have difficulties to get it, since the Bank to give this guarantee can, depending on the profile of the potential tenant:

I endorse payments for only a certain length of time (e.g. six months or one year, after which it will have to be renewed), with an associated cost

II. request that the tenant leave deposited the amount of the guarantee in the Bank (by value of several months rent) during the period the guarantee. This is the most common practice. The problem is that many tenants will not have this amount of money to be left on deposit

Both cost and the difficulty in securing a guarantee, the demand by the owner of this requirement can act as a brake to get find a tenant

4 submit the contract to arbitration

It’s a way of dispute resolution alternative to the way legal and regulated by law. It consists of both the tenant and the landlord to sign an annex to the contract which, in the event of conflict, agree to submit to the decision an impartial arbitrator in order to fix it

Thus, in the event of non-payment of rent, a referee mediate the conflict, without recourse to the courts or hire lawyer and Prosecutor, to try to find a solution

The negative point is that, where once known the arbitration decision, and while both as a landlord tenant signed in advance to accept the decision, one of the two parties not to observe it, the other party will have to initiate a procedure for enforcement of the award before the ordinary courts

5 procurement of insurance of non-payment or damages

An interesting alternative to regard the guarantees or warranties required for the tenant is insurance that cover damage caused by the tenant in the dwelling or defaults. This prevents the effort of initial payment by the tenant which requires the Constitution of endorsement or delivery of a high bail and that can become unacceptable when sufficient savings are not

Different companies offer insurance policies with a range of coverage that covers different cases: non-payment by the tenant, damage caused to housing, legal costs of Attorney and paralegal in case of having to get to the eviction, etc the cost will depend on the coverage of the policy, i.e., the amount of money insured in the event of non-payment or damage , as well as the income of the housing and the chosen insurance company. The amount, however, can be paid by landlord or tenant and tends to be of the order of the cost of home insurance, less than 200 euros per year – although it will vary depending on the coverage-

6 rent through official bodies

Many autonomous communities and city councils have a public service available to citizens for intermediate rent and provide guarantees, both the lessor and the lessee. The owner offers his floor, at a cheaper than the market price, receiving the guarantee of the public body that your floor will be careful with what wins in tranquility. For its part, the tenant benefits from a cost, smaller and also boasts the intermediation of a public body in the event of a problem in the housing